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Gujarat State AIDS Control Society steers HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment, education, sensitization and control programmes in India. In discharge of this function the organisation lays down guidelines and training modules for physicians, surgeons, laboratory technicians, health care workers, NGOs and educators. It disseminates awareness among various risk groups, adolescents and out-of-school-children through a number of channels and special programmes.


GSACS also conducts monitoring and evaluation of HIV/AIDS programmes, and surveillance of the infection among various population segments throughout the country. The organisation also documents highly successful programmes for their replication in different cultural setting. Publications section of GSACS website carries Annual Reports, CMIS Bulletins, Surveillance Reports, Update Status etc. for quick access and dissemination.


Downloads Available 


Sr. No. List of DocumentsDownload
   Annual Reports  
01 Annual Report 2016-17 Download Pdf(4.83MB)
02 Annual Report 2015-16 Download Pdf(8.74MB)
03 Annual Report 2014-15 Download Pdf(6.72MB)
04  Annual Report 2013-14 Download Pdf(3.59MB)
05  Annual Report 2012-13 Download Pdf(4.95MB)
06  Annual Report 2011-12 Download Pdf(5.29MB)
07  Annual Report 2010-11 Download Pdf(7.23MB)
08  Annual Report 2009-10 Download Pdf(8.52MB)
   CMIS-SIMS Bulletin  
01 SIMS Bulletin 2016-17 Download Pdf(0.80MB)
02  SIMS Bulletin 2015-16 Download Pdf(1.31MB)
03  SIMS Bulletin 2014-15 Download Pdf(5.64MB)
04  CMIS-SIMS Bulletin 2013-14 Download Pdf(2.33MB)
05  CMIS Bulletin 2012-13 Download Pdf(8.62MB)
06  CMIS Bulletin 2011-12 Download Pdf(7.68MB)
07  CMIS Bulltein 2010-11 Download Pdf(3.75MB)
   HIV Sentinel Surveillance Reports  
01  HIV Sentinel Surveillance 2008 Download Pdf(5.58MB)
02  HIV Sentinel Surveillance 2007 Download Pdf(5.66MB)
03  HIV Sentinel Surveillance 2006 Download Pdf(0.98MB)
04  HIV Sentinel Surveillance 2005 Download Pdf(0.81MB)
   SIMS Documents  
01  SIMS Wall Chart Download Pdf(697KB)
02  A B C of SIMS in Seven Steps Download Pdf(1.34MB)
   Department of AIDS Control, NACO  
01  Newsletter of DAC, New Delhi Click hereLink Icon
02  Annual Reports of DAC, New Delhi Click hereLink Icon