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Directory of Services

 Health Facilities

Sr. No.List of FacilitiesDownload
01 Integrated Counselling & Testing Centers (ICTC) Download Pdf(154KB)
02 Facility Integrated Counselling & Testing Centers (FICTC) Download Pdf(326KB)
03 Non-Government Organisations - Targeted Interventions (NGO-TI) Download Pdf(116KB)
04 Non-Government Organisations - Link Worker Scheme (NGO - LWS) Download Pdf(80KB)
05 Blood Banks (BB) Download Pdf(93KB)
06 Government Sexually Transmitted Diseases Clinics (STD) Download Pdf(123KB)
07 Antiretroviral Therapy Centers (ART) Download Pdf(63KB)
08 Link ART Centers (LAC)  Download Pdf(87KB)
09 Institutes with CD4 Machines (CD4) Download Pdf(70KB)
10 Care & Support Centres (CSC-Vihaan) Download Pdf(73KB)